Black Bear Whisper – Exit the Dragon | Single Review

Black Bear Whisper belongs to a burgeoning genre of ensemble in the internet era – Danish singer Kat Boelskov and producer/multi-instrumentalist Un Famed are the masterminds behind the music, yet never the twain shall meet. Working long distance, they have collaborated to create something truly unique and, surprisingly, largely seamless.

Single ‘Exit the Dragon’ combines bass synth, Iranian santur and Blondie-style singing in a potpourri of sounds and colours, and pretty much sits outside any era; perhaps it gets closest to the 80s (think experimental Sting). It is unusual from the get-go, but in a fascinating rather than off-putting way, and there is nothing more enticing than an artist with a weird new sound. The only criticism would be directed towards the slightly misplaced wah pedal which here sounds a bit like a garageband loop – unfortunate to imply a lazy attitude in such wondrously inventive production.

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Check out ‘Exit the Dragon’ on Spotify.

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